Journal Publications Thomas Maiwald 2003 - 2012

  [28] T. Maiwald*, J. Blumberg*, A. Raue, S. Hengl, M. Schilling, S.K.B. Sy, V. Becker, U. Klingmüller, J. Timmer
    In silico labeling reveals the time-dependent label half-life and transit-time in dynamical systems
    BMC Systems Biology, 2012; 6: 13.
    * These authors contributed equally
  [27] L. Kleiman, T. Maiwald, H. Conzelmann, D.A. Lauffenburger, P.K. Sorger
    Rapid phospho-turnover by receptor tyrosine kinases impacts
downstream signaling and drug binding
    Molecular Cell, 2011, 2;43(5):723-37
  [26] T. Maiwald, J. Blumberg, J. Timmer, A. Schulze-Bonhage
    Are prodromes preictal events? A prospective PDA-based study
    Epilepsy & Behavior, 2011, (21) 184-188
  [25] A. Raue, C. Kreutz, T. Maiwald, U. Klingmüller, J. Timmer
    Addressing Parameter identifiability by model-based experimentation
    IET Systems Biology 5, 2011, 120-130
  [24] V. Becker, M. Schilling, J. Bachmann, U. Baumann, A. Raue, T. Maiwald, J. Timmer, U. Klingmüller
    Covering a broad dynamic range - Information processing at the erythropoietin receptor
    Science, 2010, 328, 2010, 1404-1408
  [23] M. Schilling*, T. Maiwald*, S. Hengl, D. Winter, C. Kreutz, W. Kolch, W.D. Lehmann, J. Timmer, U. Klingmüller
    Theoretical and experimental analysis links isoform-specific ERK signalling to cell fate decisions.
    Molecular Systems Biology 2009, 5:334
    * These authors contributed equally
  [22] F. Menolascina, D. Bellomo, T. Maiwald, V. Bevilacqua, C. Ciminelli, A. Paradiso, S. Tommasi
    Developing Optimal Experimental Design Strategies in Cancer Systems Biology with Applications to Microfluidics Device Engineering
    BMC Bioinformatics 2009, 10(Suppl 12):S4
  [21] A. Raue, C. Kreutz, T. Maiwald, J. Bachmann, M. Schilling, U. Klingmüller, J. Timmer
    Structural and practical identifiability analysis of partially observed dynamical models by exploiting the profile likelihood
    Bioinformatics 2009, 25(15):1923-1929
  [20] N. Borisov, E. Aksamitiene, A. Kiyatkin, S. Legewie, J. Berkhout, T. Maiwald, N. Kaimachnikov, J. Timmer, J. Hoek, B. Kholodenko
    Systems-level interactions between insulin - EGF networks amplify mitogenic signaling
    Molecular Systems Biology 2009, 5:256
  [19] T. Maiwald, J. Timmer
    Dynamical Modeling and Multi-Experiment Fitting with PottersWheel
    Bioinformatics 2008, 24(18):2037-43
  [18] L. Frings, K. Wagner, T. Maiwald, A. Carius, A. Schinkel, C. Lehmann, A. Schulze-Bonhage
    Early detection of behavioral side effects of antiepileptic treatment using handheld computers
    Epilepsy & Behavior 2008, 13(2):402-6
  [17] T. Maiwald, C. Kreutz, A. Pfeifer, S. Bohl, U. Klingmüller, J. Timmer
    Dynamic pathway modeling: Feasibility analysis and optimal experimental design
    Annals New York Acad. Sci. 115, 2007, 212-220
  [16] S. Hengl, C. Kreutz, J. Timmer, T Maiwald
    Data-based identifiability analysis of nonlinear dynamical models.
    Bioinformatics 2007, 23(19): 2612-2618
  [15] C. Kreutz, M.M. Bartholome Rodriguez, T. Maiwald, M. Seidl, H.E. Blum, L. Mohr, J. Timmer
    An error model for protein quantification.
    Bioinformatics 2007, 23(20):2747-2753
  [14] A. Schad, K. Schindler, M. Winterhalder, B. Schelter, T. Maiwald, A. Brandt, J. Timmer, A. Schulze-Bonhage
    Application of a multivariate seizure detection and prediction method to non-invasive and intracranial long-term EEG recordings.
    Clinical Neurophysiology 119, 2008, 197-211
  [13] Effect of jump discontinuity for phase-randomized surrogate data
    E. Mammen, S. Nandi, T. Maiwald, J. Timmer
    Int. J. Bif. Chaos, in press
  [12] B. Schelter, M. Winterhalder, T. Maiwald, A. Brandt, A. Schad, J. Timmer, A. Schulze-Bonhage
    Do false predictions of seizures depend on the state of vigilance? A report from two seizure prediction methods and proposed remedies.
    Epilepsia 47, 2006, 2058-2070
  [11] M. Winterhalder, B. Schelter, T. Maiwald, A. Brandt, A. Schad, A. Schulze-Bonhage, and J. Timmer
    Spatio-temporal patient-individual assessment of synchronization changes for epileptic seizure prediction
    Clin. Neurophys. 117 , 2006, 2399-2413
Klingmüller U., Bauer A., Bohl S., Nickel P., Breitkopf K., Dooley S., Zellmer S., Kern C., Merfort I, Sparna T., Donauer J., Walz G., Geyer M., Kreutz C., Hermes M., Götschel F., Hecht A., Walter D., Egger L., Neubert K., Borner C., Brulport M., Schormann W., Sauer C., Baumann F., Preiss R., MacNelly S., Godoy P., Wiercinska E., Ciuclan L., Edelmann J., Kleemann W.J., Zeilinger K., Heinrich M., Zanger U.M., Reuss M., Bader A., Gebhardt R., T. Maiwald., Timmer J., von Weizsäcker F., Hengstler J.G.
    Primary mouse hepatocytes for systems biology approaches: a standardized in vitro system for modelling of signal transduction pathways
    IEE Proc. Systems Biology 153, 2006, 433-447
X. Fang, M.B. Zeisel, J. Wilpert, B. Gissler, R. Thimme, C. Kreutz, T. Maiwald, J. Timmer, W.V. Kern, J. Donauer, M. Geyer, G. Walz, E. Depla, F. v. Weizsäcker, H.E. Blum, T.F. Baumert
    Host Cell Responses Induced by Hepatitis C Virus Binding
    Hepatology 43, 2006, 1326-1336
  [8] M. Schilling*, T. Maiwald*, S. Bohl, M. Kollmann, C. Kreutz, J. Timmer, U. Klingmüller
    Computational processing and error reduction strategies for standardized quantitative data in biological networks
    FEBS Journal 272 , 2005, 6400-6411
    * These authors contributed equally
  [7] B. Schelter, M. Winterhalder, T. Maiwald, A. Brandt, A. Schad, A. Schulze-Bonhage, and J. Timmer.
    Testing statistical significance of multivariate time series analysis techniques for epileptic seizure prediction
    Chaos 16 , 2006, 013108
  [6] M. Schilling*, T. Maiwald*, S. Bohl, M. Kollmann, C. Kreutz, J. Timmer, U. Klingmüller
    Quantitative Data Generation for Systems Biology - The Impact of Randomisation, Calibrators and Normalisers
    IEE Proc. Systems Biology 152 , 2005, 193-200
    * These authors contributed equally
P.S. Goerttler, C. Kreutz, J. Donauer, D. Faller, T. Maiwald, M. Klein, E. März, B. Rumberger, T. Sparna, A. Schmitt-Gräff, J. Wilpert, J. Timmer, G. Walz, HL Pahl
Gene Expression Profiling in Polycythemia vera: Overexpression of transcription factor NF-E2
British Journal of Haematology , 129, 2005, 138-150
  [4] T. Maiwald, M. Winterhalder, R. Aschenbrenner-Scheibe, H.U. Voss, A. Schulze-Bonhage, and J. Timmer
    Comparison of three nonlinear seizure prediction methods by means of the seizure prediction characteristic
    Physica D, 194: 357-368, 2004
  [3] M. Winterhalder, T. Maiwald, H.U. Voss, R. Aschenbrenner-Scheibe, J. Timmer, and A. Schulze-Bonhage
    The seizure prediction characteristic: A general framework to assess and compare seizure prediction methods
    Epilepsy & Behavior, 4(3): 318-325, 2003
  [2] R. A.-Scheibe, T. Maiwald, M. Winterhalder, H.U. Voss, J. Timmer, and A. Schulze-Bonhage
    How well can epileptic seizures be predicted? An evaluation of a nonlinear method.
    Brain, 126 (12): 2616-2626, 2003
  [1] C.D. Bertram, H.U. Voss, T. Müller, T. Maiwald, M. Winterhalder, and J. Timmer
    Aperiodic flow-induced oscillations of collapsible tubes: a critical reappraisal.
    Medical Engineering & Physics 26(3), 201-214, 2004

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